s Gracevoice - Enriched book Production Services

Tuning up CD/mp3 audiobooks


We take your old CD/MP3 and or even cassette audiobook and turn them to world class mp3 audiobook experience. We will tune up the whole structure/ID3 tagging to facilitate mp3 usability like no other. In the process we can also add scrolling and synced lyrics and multiple cover arts for new kind of mp3 book experience. For visually impaired product we can convert your audiobook to a world-class Daisy-book with clever features, shortcuts and verse indexes not found elsewhere.

We have the know-how in making delivery formats to make a difference. Did you know that besides downloading, usb-stick is one of the most succesful delivery format right now? With our predesigned packages implementation is easy.

Our top notch restoration and mastering facilities dig out new quality even from quite poor analog recordings. Act now and step in the new era of audiobooks.

Facilitate new enriched books and services


Our product engines means fast productization, tested and succesfull product combinations and support to awareness/marketing campaings that really make difference.


We have several ready to go product packages from ultra high quality mp3-usb cards with 4-way printed slide pack packages to low cost DVD-rom solutions, ready to go hosted and secured download servers and webshops and ready delivery channels to major online stores (iTunes etc.). This means that when you are beginning you are almost ready. We can assist you to make right choices and with few decisions your audiobooks are ready to go.


Audiobooks are now new technology enabled products and to succeed they need to be set up in the right way. That means huge amounts of high quality graphics to stand out and make a difference. Trust on us - it is only a second and you need several different products, delivery formats, combo products with printed books and new spin-off products and every one of them needs graphics and packages. New digital delivery formats are also graphics intensive - mp3 album cover arts, digital appendixes, possibilities to use multiple pictures and so on. Then somebody walks in and asks for web-banners, brochures, flyers, advertisements and roll-ups. We can offer know-how where to put the efforts and our ready to go packages take away huge amounts of work.


Digital audiomaterial enable new era of products and services. You can offer audio stream/download, automate new book promotion to facebook, automate audio production for new spin-off products or live web use and even add audio for mass emailing campaings driven by text. With our hosted and secure verse indexed multimedia service you can live without trouble. We will take care of the details and you get is as a montly billed SaaS service. You can even offer the service to third parties ex. for marketing use.


We can offer you turn key, ready to use audiobooks, combo-products and innovative new services. We have the tools to to really differentiate book experience to different targets groups and make it fast. You can focus on final, localising touches and enjoy the new era of enriched book experience.

World class audiobook production


Audiobook production is dedicated work. In the end you end you can end up with up to hours of audio material that have unexpectedly long live span. Everything should be right from the sounds to metadata needed tomorrow.


We have produced quite a lot audiobooks and in addition to our experience, realistic time plans and cost-estimates we can offer really world class equipment. Typical recording chain for audiobook is customised Brauner VM1 tube microphone, Pendulum Audio Quartet II and Manley Slam for pre-amps, finalizing thouches and AD conversion. Monitoring is done through Lynx audio Aurora AD-conversion and PSI 25/3 masterinq grade monitors.

The difference to even relatively high end equipment is clear. Plain human voice is such a delicate instrument to record that it deserves the very best, expecially in audiobook productions.


Audiobook production is too valuable to waste information. That means that every bit of information should be captured in appropriate metadata formats. For example it´s absolutely necessary to be able to get length metadata of every individual action and their relatively playing time in relation to chapter in accuracy of 1/100 second to facilitate text-to-speed synced products and web services. Our production softwares do all ongoing metadata work in the backround so in the end we have high quality database of your audiobook that´s is ready to launch web and application based services and it´s future proof.


We can offer you absolutely best way to record book as an audio material and smooth, no suprices project from beginning to the end. Our experience and production processes quarantee cost efficient project not possible with some other way. We are here to help you to get the best out of your audiobook.